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Ayurveda center Tsarsko selo


In Tsarsko selo SPA hotel

With Dr. Pankaj from India

27.05.2018 г. – 12.06.2018 г.

The word Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words Ayur and Veda which mean 'science of life'. With the help of Ayurveda one can realise how the balance of mind, body and consciousness can be accomplished. As result of bad habits and lack of movement, 'ama' toxins are accumulated. This plaque turns into gunk which the body finds very difficult to dispose of by itself.

Thanks to the Ayurvedic methods of Purvakarama and Panchakarma, toxins can be successfully removed so that we learn a healthy lifestyle.

Panchakarma is a healing therapy for internal purification of the organism from toxins, heavy metals, and free radicals consisting of a number of purging and laxative therapies.

Pancha means 'five' and karma - 'effect' or 'process'.

There are five main methods - induced vomiting, laxative ones, medicinal enema, nasiya - poring oil into the nose, and blood cleansing.

Ayurveda heals and significantly improves the condition when one suffers from the following diseases: arthritis, spondylosis, diseases of the excretory system, gout, prostatitis, skin diseases, irregular menstrual cycle, cysts, myomas, weak immune system, colds and viral diseases, diseases of the digestive system, liver and gall bladder, indigestion, elevated cholesterol levels, hormonal disruptions and disbalance, colitis, hemorrhoids as well as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Our doctor's recommendations are as follows:

  • For prophylactics and curing of weaker symptoms - 7 to 10 days.
  • For a therapeutic effect with diseases of average severity - 10 to 14 days.


The doctor conducts preliminary, periodic and conclusive examinations (with the assistance of an interpreter, if necessary).

Preparatory procedures for the body and face.

Ayurvedic procedures and therapies - twice a day.

Kriya therapy for cleansing of the nose, throat and eyes every morning.

Special Ayurvedic nutrition compliant with the individual patient's dosha (constitution).

Fruits and herbal teas and infusions.

Yoga with a professional instructor.

Drawing up of a tailored recommendation plan for a healthy lifestyle - nutrition, habits, and sport.

Use of the spa centre - swimming pool, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, Finnish bath; herbal, steam and infrared sauna and gym.

Package 7 days


Package 10 days


Package 14 days

Single room Double room   Single room Double room   Single room Double room
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1180 EUR / day use
2400 EUR   1700 EUR
1600 EUR / day use
3300 EUR   2170 EUR
2030 EUR / day use
4240 EUR
Accommodation in room Deluxe + 10 EU, Accommodation in suit + 20 EU

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