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The careful and professional behaviour of the personnel will make you feel as if you are the onli one. The silense, the pleasant atmosphere and the relax muzik will help you to ferget the problems that yuo are just 10 minutes away from the big and noisi citi. SPA Hotel TSARSKO SELO is unique not onli with its interesting architectural decisions and with the modern technical equipment, but also with the opportuniti to get services all at one place made by masseurs, therapeutics, cozmeticians, haiirdressers, manicurists and trainers. On the territory of 3000 sq.m. are situated indoor and outdoor swimming pool, steam bath and sweating (Turkish) bath, Finnish sauna, herb sauna, infrared sauna and ice bath, jakuzzi for 12 persons, special bath for tired feet, fitness center, fitted up with “Technogym” equipment, room for relax with exotic aquarium,solarium. In well equiped rooms professionals will form and make a good shape of your face and body using electro and cosmetic therapies. You can get over successfully the problem with cellulite and unwished kilograms. The face therapies are numerous: cleaning, anti-wrinkle, lifting, relaxing, curative, sensitive skin and acne. To achieve best results with the kozmetic procedures and to satisfy your requirements SPA Hotel TSARSKO SELO uses French cosmetic materials: COLLIN, MARIA GALLAND, SORISA.

Parking is free for guests of the SPA center!


Package "Relax"
Indoor swimming pool, two Finnish saunas, sweating /Turkish/ bath, fitness, room for relax
Children under 14 years could not use the SPA center!
Duration Prices
  30.00 lv
Out - door swimming pool - children under 12 years
Duration Prices
  10.00 lv


8.00 lv


Classic massage
Depending of the used massage technique its influence over the body and skin can be both relaxing and tonic. It improves the blood circulation, the metabolism and helps for the elimination of the stress and toxins in the organism
Duration Prices
55 minutes 60.00 lv
40 minutes 40.00 lv
30 minutes 30.00 lv
Aroma massage
In it the masseurs use different unique combinations of essential oils of the aromatherapy lider "Tisserand aromatherapy". The masseur prepares individual massage mixture.During the massage the components enter throught the skin and influence at the same time on several levels in the all body
Duration Prices
55 minutes 70.00 lv
Anti-cellulite massage
This kind of massage has a cosmetical effect and includes using of a special techniques and essential oils. By energetic massaging of the problematic zones it eliminates the fatty depots. The special anticellulite oils help to removement of the fats, revitalise the skin elasticity and the blood circulation
Duration Prices
40 minutes 40.00 lv
Shaping vakuum massage
Very effective by the elimination of the cellulite depots, colds and stiffenings. It is used a special cream who accelerates the removement of the hypodermic fats and successfully shapes the body
Duration Prices
30 minutes 40.00 lv
20 minutes 35.00 lv
Reflexo massage for feet
The reflexo massage is based on the principle by which the different parts of the body are a miniature reflection of our organs. Special massage maneuvers on this part of the body will have a relaxing or stimulating effect on the related organ. This is an unique prosedure for havy and tired feet
Duration Prices
40 minutes 40.00 lv
Lymph drenage
A very slow massage with regular pressure along the lymph system, encouraging the elimination of toxins
Duration Prices
50 minutes 50.00 lv
Honey massage
The massage with honey is a very old method used for prophilaxe and cure, for revitalising by stress and some illness. As a result from this procedure is the eliminatation of the toxins in the texture, feeding up and refreshing the skin, deep relaxation of the body
Duration Prices
30 minutes 30.00 lv
Soap massage and peeling in Turkish bath
The soap massage is made in Turkish bath. The body is covered with special foam. The masseurs make flowing combination of movements which relaxe the body. It contribute to elimination of the toxins. The skin get free from the dead cells and get elastic and shining
Duration Prices
45 minutes 55.00 lv
Geothermal massage with warm volcanic stones
This is an old massage technique to overcome the tiredness and stress.Warm volcanic stones are placed over important energetic points of the body and with them the masseur makes special fluid movements. Exept a compleat relaxation with this massage can be reached stimulation of the blood circulation, limph system and balance of the body energy
Duration Prices
90 minutes 90.00 lv
Manual joint mobilization
Improves the mobility of joints in case of deadlock. Suitable for joint pain of almost any nature
Duration Prices
examination 20.00 lv
mobilisation of 1 part 40.00 lv
mobilisation of more than 1 part 60.00 lv

SPA programs

Bulgarian rose
Peeling with seasalts with rose oil. Aroma bath with leaves of roses. Aroma massage for face and body. Cup of herbal tea.
Duration Prices
90 minutes 90.00 lv
Peeling with detoxicating acids 15 min. Aroma bath with leaves of roses and oil, a glass of champaigne 15 min. Aroma massage 30 min.
Duration Prices
70 minutes 70.00 lv
Chocolate therapy
Recover the softness of the skin and the gently feeling thanks to the tripple action of the cocoa - hydratation, antioxidization and emotional plesure. The therapy has three phases: body cleanising with lemon exfoliant, washing the body with lemon dush-gel, application with cosmetical chocolate mixture, warming of the body in thermo blanket for 20 min., following by easy, gentle massage with chocolate cream
Duration Prices
80 minutes 80.00 lv
Peeling for shiny skin. Soap massage in Turkish bath. Feeding up masque - all body. Cup of green tea
Duration Prices
70 minutes 85.00 lv

Cosmetic shaping procedures for body

Vakuum massage
remove the unwished fats and cellulite, lift up the flabby skin and shape the body
Duration Prices
30 minutes 40.00 lv
20 minutes 35.00 lv
Duration Prices
60 minutes 45.00 lv
Parafango and vakuum
Duration Prices
90 minutes 60.00 lv

Cosmetic procedures for face

PQAge peeling new
PQAge is s new generation skin peeling. The skin could be treated year-round and the peeling can be used for any type of skin. It has antibacterial action, instant tightening and lifting effect. It helps for closing the pores and flattens the face complexion.
Duration Prices
40 minutes 79.00 lv
Innovative peeling with 35% acid that gently peels the dead layer of the skin, renews it, removes spots and thin wrinkles, reduce the pores and the greasing.
Duration Prices
40 minutes 49.00 lv
Cleaning cosmetic procedure for face
vapason, cleaning, oxygen peeling, d'arsonval, Collin's masque according to the skin type of the client
Duration Prices
60 minutes 35.00 lv
Hydrating therapy for the area round the eyes and face
wrinkles and fullness under the eyes, neck and low neck - enzyme peeling, massage colagen cream, algomasque
Duration Prices
45 minutes 43.00 lv
Anti pore therapy Collin
cleansing milk and tonic, peeling ampulla, sea DNA concentrate, anti pore serum, cleansing milk, finalizing cream
Duration Prices
45 minutes 53.00 lv
Micro dermo abrazio
dermoabrazio, ampulla with ultrasound, massage cream, serum, mask,finalizing cream
Duration Prices
30 minutes 49.00 lv
Cleaning cosmetic procedure for greasy skin - Collin
cleansing milk and tonic, cleansing, oxygen peeling, d'arsonval, tightening up mask, cleansing serum, Collin mask for greasy skin, finalizing cream for greasy skin
Duration Prices
75 minutes 55.00 lv
100 % natural collagen
cleansing milk and tonic,collagen peeling, collagen gel, collagen - cream, ultrasound, consistent collagen mask, finalizing cream
Duration Prices
50 minutes 80.00 lv
Therapy for the area round the eyes - Collin
cleansing milk and tonic, gomage, round the eyes shaping cream, eye mask with hialuron acid, round eye cream
Duration Prices
30 minutes 44.00 lv
Anti wrinkle phito cells therapy
cleansing milk and tonic, ultrasound with phito ampulla, massage antiwrinkle cream, serum, mask with phito cells, finalizing cream
Duration Prices
45 minutes 60.00 lv
Anti wrinkle therapy with caviar
cleansing milk and tonic, ultrasound with caviar ampulla, massage antiwrinkle cream, serum, mask with caviar, finalizing cream
Duration Prices
45 minutes 55.00 lv
Hydrating and Ani wrinkle Golden therapy for face
cleansing milk and tonic, ultrasound with anti wrincle ampulla, massage with a hydrating gel, golden masque, finalizing cream
Duration Prices
45 minutes 59.00 lv
Silver cleansing therapy
cleansing milk and tonic, peeling with silver sand, collected with a special magnit, cleansing massage gel, silver masque, finalizing cream
Duration Prices
45 minutes 59.00 lv
Face massage and masque
cleansing milk, tonic, moisturing antiwrinkle massage cream, masque
Duration Prices
45 minutes 20.00 lv

Photoepication with a new generation of high-frequency device

for any hair type

Procedures for feet and hands

Services Prices
Whole legs women 26.00 lv
Whole legs men 30.00 lv
1/2 legs 14.00 lv
Arms women 12.00 lv
Arms men 14.00 lv
Armpits 9.00 lv
Bikini 18.00 lv
Upper lip 6.00 lv
Breast - abdomen 21.00 lv
Back 21.00 lv


Services Prices
Haircut ladies 20.00 lv
Haircut and drier 37.00 lv
Hair - drier 25.00 lv
Drier without hair wash 20.00 lv
Haircut children 15.00 lv
Haircut male 17.00 lv
Neck shaving 5.00 lv
Therapy for hair shine with special ampulla 11/13.00 lv
Hair colouring /roots/ 35 - 70.00 lv
Colour cream - all hair 33-50.00 lv
Clusters 35-70.00 lv
Mat finishing 30.00 lv
Curling - irons short hair 20.00 lv
Curling - irons long hair 35.00 lv
Diffuzer 20.00 lv
Hair -do 65.00 lv

Manicure and pedicure

Services Prices
Manicure with nail polish 14.00 lv
Without nail polish 11.00 lv
Change the nail polish 8.00 lv
Decoration /1 nail/ 1.00 lv
Curative strenght 2.00 lv
Pedicure with nail polish 26.00 lv
Without nail polish 21.00 lv
Treating pedicure 33.00 lv
SPA pedicure 36.00 lv
Sculpturing - 1 nail 8.00 lv
Manicure with shellac 35.00 lv
Change the shellac 20.00 lv
Pedicure with shellac 45.00 lv


Services Prices
First placing of eyelashes 110.00 lv
Replacing of eyelashes after 2 weeks 35.00 lv
Replacing of eyelashes after 4 weeks 45.00 lv

Monday: 11.00–22.30 h

Tuesday - Sunday: 9.30–21.30 h

Work time out–door swimming pool: 10.00 – 19.00 h

Народната медицина отдавна е открила чудотворния ефект на билковите вани, а в последните години тяхното приложение в козметиката се засили. Те са подходящи при различни здравословни и козметични проблеми. Подобряването на кръвообращението и разширяването на порите създават възможност за лесно проникване на активните вещества в кожата, които имат не само локално действие, но влияят и върху целия организъм. Обикновено билковите сауни се използват и за лекуване на заболявания както по повърхността на тялото, така и на вътрешните органи.

Паркингът е безплатен за гости на СПА центъра!

Ритуал от Изтока, смесил в себе си традициите на Римската и Византийската баня. Отоплените пейки в турската баня осигуряват приятен комфорт на посетителите. Температурата в банята е между 30°-50°C, което води до по-лесно отделяне на токсините и прави кожата гладка и мека. Подобрява се кръвообращението на кожата и се стимулира отделителната и функция, както и обмяната на веществата.

Паркингът е безплатен за гости на СПА центъра!

Парната баня има множество лечебни качества както за кожата, така и за дихателните пътища. Тя е предпочитаният начин за релаксиране и отмора, както след активни спортни занимания, така и просто след тежък и напрегнат ден.

Паркингът е безплатен за гости на СПА центъра!

Финландската сауна е особено ползотворна за кожната повърхност, тъй като повишената сърдечна активност и кръвна циркулация снабдяват клетките на кожата с важни субстанции, изхвърлят ненужните натрупвания на мазнини,токсини и вредни вещества, позволяват транспортирането на важни течности и увеличават развитието на колагена, давайки на кожата продължителна еластичност, гъвкавост и гладкост.

Паркингът е безплатен за гости на СПА центъра!

Във фитнес центъра можете да проведете вашите ежедневни тренировки с професионални уреди „Техноджим”. В луксозна и приятна обстановка имате възможност да се почувствате във форма и да постигнете целите, за които сте мечтали. Тренировките във фитнес залата повишават работоспособността и устойчивостта на организма срещу стреса.

Бъдете сигурни, че ще се върнете отново тук - най подходящото място за релакс, оазисът в който можете да избягате от ежедневието.

Потопете се в кристалната вода на басейна и джакузито и се насладете на масажиращия ефект на креслата във водата. Почуствайте прилива на енергия, който ще получите чрез ваните за уморени крака. В хидромасажните вани и басейни се комбинира удоволствието от къпането с полезното действие на топлината и масажа.Струите топла вода стимулират мускулите, масажират в дълбочина или повърхностно, като действат на тялото изключително отпускащо.