The caring and professional attitude of the staff of Tsarsko Selo Spa Hotel will make you feel special. On the territory of 3000 sq. meters you can find an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, steam and Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, infrared sauna, ice bath, jacuzzi for 12 people, special bath for exhausted legs, fitness with Technogym equipment, relaxation area with an exotic aquarium and a solarium.

Working Hours

Monday: 11:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Tuesday – Sunday: 9:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Outdoor swimming pool:: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

A ritual from the East, blending the traditions of the Roman and Byzantine baths. The heated benches in the Turkish bath provide a pleasant comfort for visitors. The temperature in the bathroom is between 30 ° – 50 ° C, which leads to easier removal of the toxins and makes the skin smooth, and soft. Improves the circulation of the skin and stimulates its secretory function, as well as the metabolism.

Traditional medicine has long discovered the miraculous effect of herbal baths, and in recent years their use in cosmetics has intensified.They are suitable for various health and cosmetic issues. Enhancement of blood circulation and the expansion of the pores provide an opportunity for easy penetration of the active substances in the skin, which have an effect on the whole organism. Usually, herbal saunas are also used to treat diseases both on the surface of the body and in the internal organs.

The steam bath has many healing properties for both the skin and the airways. It is the preferred way to relax and unwind after practicing active sports or just after a busy day.

The Finnish sauna is a well known method for improving cardiovascular health. It is also particularly beneficial to the skin, as there is an increased production of collagen, giving the skin prolonged elasticity, flexibility and smoothness. The Finnish sauna can discard any unnecessary accumulations of fat, toxins and harmful substances.

In our gym you can find one of the best equipment that is available in the market. In a luxurious and pleasant environment, you will have the opportunity to get in shape and achieve the goals you have always dreamed of.

Be confident that you will be back, as this is the best place to relax; the oasis where you can escape from your everyday life.

Immerse yourself in the crystal water of the pool and enjoy the massaging effect of the armchairs in the water. Feel the tide of energy you get through the exhausted leg baths.


Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, steam and Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, infrared sauna, ice bath, jacuzzi for 12 people, special bath for exhausted legs, fitness with Technogym equipment and relaxation area.

Children below the age of 14 are now allowed in the SPA!

Price for working days: 25.00 lv

Price for weekend: 30.00 lv

Outdoor swimming pool for children below 12 years

Price: 10.00 lv

Single use
Price: 8.00 lv

Classic massage
Depending on the used massage technique, its influence over the body and skin can be both relaxing and energising. It improves the blood circulation, the metabolism and helps for the elimination of the stress, and toxins in the organism.

55 minutes 60.00 lv
40 minutes 40.00 lv
30 minutes 30.00 lv

Aroma massage
The masseurs use unique combinations of essential oils of the aromatherapy leader “Tisserand”. During the massage the components enter through the skin and have an effect on several levels in the body.

55 minutes 70.00 lv

Anti-cellulite massage
This kind of massage has a cosmetic effect and includes the use of a special technique and essential oils. By energetic massaging of the problematic zones, the fatty depots can be eliminated. The anti-cellulite oils help to remove the fat, revitalise the skin’s elasticity and the blood circulation.

40 minutes 40.00 lv

Shaping vacuum massage
It is very effective when eliminating the cellulite depots and also in cases of colds and stiffenings. A special cream is used, which accelerates the removal of the hypodermic fats and successfully shapes the body.

30 minutes 40.00 lv
20 minutes 35.00 lv

Reflexology massage for feet
The reflexology massage is based on the principle by which the different parts of the body are a miniature reflection of our organs. Special massage manoeuvres on this part of the body will have a relaxing or stimulating effect on the related organ. This is the perfect procedure for exhausted feet.

40 minutes 40.00 lv

Lymph drainage
A very slow massage with regular pressure along the lymph system, encouraging the elimination of toxins.

50 minutes 50.00 lv

Honey massage
The massage with honey is a very old method used for prophylaxis and cure, for revitalising the body from stress and to cure some illnesses. As a result from this procedure toxins will be eliminated from the body and your skin will feel refreshed.

30 minutes 30.00 lv

Soap massage and peeling in Turkish bath
The body is covered with special foam. The masseurs make flowing combination of movements which relax the body. This contributes to the elimination of the toxins. The skin is set free from the dead cells and becomes more elastic and shining.

45 minutes 55.00 lv

Geothermal massage with warm volcanic stones
This is an old massage technique to overcome the tiredness and stress.Warm volcanic stones are placed over important energetic points of the body and with them the masseur makes special movements. Besides a complete relaxation, with this massage stimulation of the blood circulation, lymph system and balance of the body energy can be reached.

90 minutes 90.00 lv

Manual joint mobilisation
Improves the mobility of joints in case of deadlock. Suitable for joint pain of almost any nature.

Examination 20.00 lv
Mobilisation of 1 part 40.00 lv
Mobilisation of more than 1 part 60.00 lv

Give yourself a full-body oil massage on a daily basis. It is nourishing, pacifies the doshas, relieves fatigue, provides stamina, pleasure and perfect sleep. The Abhyanga massage also enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin, promotes longevity, and nourishes all parts of the body.

Full Body: 55 min / 90 lv.
For three sessions: 55 min / 80 lv.
For seven sessions: 55 min / 75 lv.

Vishesh massage is a deep tissue massage type that breaks down the adhesions and enhances circulation deep inside the muscles. It can also help to remove the built-in toxins in the whole body.

Full Body: 55 min. / 70 lv.

During this procedure, a massage is made using 3 litres of warm organic oil. It is recommended for illnesses caused by worsening of the Vata dosha and helps in anxiety, dryness, arthritis, paralysis, muscle spasms, degenerative diseases affecting the muscles and nerves, Parkinson’s, and many more.

Partial: 40 min / 80 lv.
Full Body: 55 min / 140 lv.

This procedures involves rubbing the body with a medical powder on a herbal basis, followed by steam bath, for an easier removal of toxins. It is recommended for overweight people, as Udvartana has a slimming effect, energises the muscles and makes the skin look flawless.

Partial: 40 min / 50 lv.
Full Body: 55 min / 90 lv.

Kizhi with herbs
Massage with bags filled with herbal mixture, followed by a toxin-free steam bath. Recommended for osteoarthritis, spondylitis, sports injuries, joint pain, etc.

Partial: 30 min / 65 lv.
Full Body: 55 min / 90 lv.
For more than 3 therapies: 80 lv. per session

Kizhi with rice
Massage with bags filled with rice, followed by a toxin-free steam bath. Recommended for osteoarthritis, spondylitis, sports injuries, joint pain, etc.

Partial: 30 min / 50 lv.
Full Body: 55 min / 70 lv.

Shiro Abhyanga
Head massage with herbal base oil. It is recommended to achieve full relaxation and strengthen the hair roots.

20 min / 45 lv.

Cleansing the face with a scrub, light massage with aloe vera gel and a mask with a finishing massage with Ayurvedic cream. Your skin will glow immediately.

30 min. / 60 lv..

Nadi Swedana
Procedure with herbal steam at certain painful areas of the body. Recommended for local pain and stiffness in joints and muscles. Reduces joint swelling.

10-15 min / 25 lv.

Kati Vasti
A traditional procedure with herbal oil is poured into a ring of dough put in the place of pain. The oil penetrates deep into the body through the muscles and relieves the stiffness. Recommended for back pain, disc herniation, lumbar spondylitis, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, foot and thigh pain.

30 min / 65 lv.
*For more than 3 procedures: 60 lv.

Janu Vasti
Herbal oil is poured into a ring of dough on the knee joints. Recommended for various painful conditions of knee joints, arthritis, joint cramping, injuries and degenerative conditions.

30 min / 65 lv.
*For more than 3 procedures: 60 lv.

Placement of herbal oil in the nostrils and massage of the area around the sinuses. It is recommended for dry nasal passages, voiding of the voice, stiffness in the area of the head, neck and jaw, headache and some eye and ear problems. It alleviates mental and emotional stress, anxiety, fear and negativism.

20 min / 40 lv.

Manya Vasti
Herbal oil is poured into a ring of dough on the neck. Recommended for neck pain, shoulder stiffness, other muscle pain associated with the neck and shoulders.

30 min / 65 lv.
*For more than 3 procedures: 60 lv.

A wonderful therapy that awakens the mind and brings the whole body into a state of tranquility. Stimulating points on the forehead by pouring hot streams of organic oils. Shirodhara calms the mind, relieves stress and contributes to a feeling of deep relaxation. It is recommended for relief of insomnia, headache, hair loss, stress, sinus problems, mental exhaustion and depression.

30 min / 80 lv.
*For more than 3 procedures: 70 lv.

Netra Tarpana
Relaxing the eyes, accompanied by massage of the eye tissues, which helps for their rejuvenation. Recommended for pain, burning, eye irritation and for people who spend a lot of time on the computer.

30-60 min / 68 lv

Therapy against stiffness and helps the improvement of the feeling of free movement in different parts of the body.

30 min / 40 lv.

Steam Bath

15 min / 10 lv.

Padabhyanga (Foot Massage)
This foot massage is deeply relaxing, suitable for plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries, or even daytime overwork. It can also reduce stress and tension throughout the body.

30 min / 40 lv.


With oil / 30 lv.
Ayurvedic with herbs / 30 lv.

Bulgarian rose
Peeling with sea-salts and rose oil followed by aroma bath with rose petals. Aroma massage for face and body, and a cup of herbal tea is served at the end.
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 90.00 lv

A 15 minute peeling with detoxifying scrubs is performed, followed by an aroma bath with rose petals and oil, and a glass of champagne. Finally one can enjoy a satisfying aroma massage for 30 minutes.
Duration: 70 minutes
Price: 70.00 lv

Chocolate therapy
Discover the softness of the skin thanks to the triple action of the cocoa – hydration, anti-oxidation and emotional pleasure. The therapy has three phases: body cleansing with lemon exfoliant, washing the body with lemon shower gel, application of cosmetic chocolate mixture and warming of the body in thermo blanket for 20 minutes. This is all followed by a gentle massage with chocolate cream.
Duration: 80 minutes
Price: 80.00 lv

Peeling for shiny skin, followed by a soap massage in the Turkish bath. Rejuvenating masque is applied on the whole body afterwards and a cup of green tea is given at the end.
Duration: 70 minutes
Price: 85.00 lv

Temporary unavailable

Ladies haircut 15.00 lv
Haircut and blow-dry 35.00 lv
Blow-dry 25.00 lv
Blow-dry without hair wash 20.00 lv
Children’s haircut 15.00 lv
Male Haircut 17.00 lv
Hair shine therapy 15-30.00 lv
Hair colouring /roots/ 35-70.00 lv
Full head colour 35-70.00 lv
Highlights 35-70.00 lv
Matte finish 30.00 lv
Manicure with Gel polish 35.00 lv
Manicure with basic colour polish 20.00 lv
Manicure without polish 18.00 lv
Nail plastics with gel 80.00 lv
Support of nail plastics with gel (up to lacquer) 80.00 lv
Decoration of one nail 1.00-2.00 lv
Construction of one nail 8.00 lv
Change of polish 10.00 lv
Pedicure with ordinary polish 30.00 lv
Pedicure with gel nail polish 45.00 lv

Total placement 100.00 lv
Eyelash maintenance 45.00 lv

Micro pigmentation with retouch 400.00 lv
Microblading with retouch 250.00 lv